Grace Kids Family Advent Guide

Traditionally, an Advent wreath consists of four candles around an evergreen wreath with a fifth candle in the center. Each of four weeks leading up to Christmas, one candle is lit, and a portion of the Christmas Story is told. The center candle is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and is the “Christ Candle” representing the Light of the World.  
Evergreen wreaths may be hard to come by in Abu Dhabi, and the physical wreath can easily be represented by simple candles on a plate or platter. Visually appealing to young children, the lit candles are a wonderful way to draw their attention to the elements of the Christmas story and spend time as a family gathered around the Word of God. 
Allow children to light a candle, taking turns each week, re-lighting the previous weeks’ candles, as well as the current weeks’ candle. After the candle is lit, begin the scripture focuses, and end with prayer. 
Discussion questions are suggested for younger and older children. Ask the questions, then read the verse having children focus on listening for the answer as the verses are read. Very young children may not be ready to engage in discussion, but they can listen and participate, building on this tradition year-by-year. We pray this Advent guide brings fruitful conversations and a sweet time of praising God into your home as your family looks forward to Christmas. 

Week One: The Hope Candle 

Ask: What is Hope? What do we hope for? Is there anything you are hoping for this Christmas? Anything you are hoping for further in the future? What kind of Hope does the Bible tell us about? 

Scripture Focus - 1 

Younger Kids: Listen to these verses and see if you hear any names of Jesus? See if you can tell us some of his names after we read. 

Older Kids: Listen for “light” and “darkness” in these verses. See what you can tell us about them after we read. 

Read: Isaiah 9:2, 6-7 

Scripture Focus – 2 

Younger Kids: Listen for what Eve’s offspring will do to the serpent’s head. 

Older Kids: What Promise does God make way back in Genesis? What does this promise have to do with Jesus’ birth? 

Read: Genesis 3:15 

Scripture Focus  3 

Younger Kids: Listen for a promise in these verses. What will Jesus do? 

Older Kids: What did Jesus come to do the first time? What will he do when he returns? 

Read: Hebrews 9:27-28 

Scripture Focus-4 

Younger Kids: Listen for Day and Night, Darkness and Light. 

Older Kids: In light of our Hope, how are we to live? 

Read: Romans 13:11-14 

Prayer Focus: Thank God for fulfilling his promises, for sending the offspring to bruise the serpent’s head, for the promise of Jesus return. Thank him for the Hope we have in Jesus Christ. 


Week Two: The Love Candle 

Ask: What is Love? What or Who do you love? Who loves you? What does the Bible tell us about the Love of God? 

Scripture Focus -1 

Younger Kids: When we read these verses, listen for God sending someone. Who did he send? 

Older Kids: Why did God send his son? 

Read: John 3:16-17 

Scripture Focus – 2 

Younger Kids: Listen for what Christ did for us. What did he do? 

Older Kids: When did God show his love for us? 

Read: Romans 5:8 

Scripture Focus – 3 

Younger and Older Kids: What can separate us from God’s Love? 

Read: Romans 8: 28-31, 35, 37-39 

Scripture Focus – 4 

Younger Kids: Who did the wise men travel to see? 

Older Kids: For what purpose did the wise men seek Jesus? How do we show our love for the Lord? 

Read: Matthew 2:1-12 

Prayer Focus: Thank God for loving us when we were sinners, for sending his Son in love, for calling us to partake of his love. Ask him to give your family a love for him that grows deeper. 


Week Three: The Peace Candle 

Ask: What is Peace? Is our home peaceful? Is the world peaceful? Can we have real peace here? What kind of peace does the Bible tell us about? 

Scripture Focus – 1 

Younger Kids: Listen for Peace. Who will be the people’s Peace? 

Older Kids:  Who will be their peace, and from where would he come? 

Read: Micah 5:2-5a 

Scripture Focus -2 

Younger Kids: Listen for a promise of Peace. Who said there would be peace? 

Older Kids: Where is the peace the angles spoke of? Remembering the Micah prophecy, where did the shepherds go to see the thing that has happened? 

Read: Luke 2: 10-15 

Scripture Focus – 3 

Younger and Older Kids: Listen for Peace. How is this Peace made? 

Read: Colossians 1:19-20 

Scripture Focus – 4 

Younger Kids: Through whom do we have peace with God? 

Older Kids: What is the only way to have peace with God? 

Read: Romans 5:1 

Prayer Focus: Thank God for sending the Prince of Peace, that Jesus came and reconciled us to God with his blood. Thank him for giving us Peace on Earth. 


Week Four: The Joy Candle 

Ask: What is Joy? Is Joy different from happiness? What gives us Joy? What kind of Joy does the Bible tell us about? 

Scripture Focus -1 

Younger Kids: (Read verses 4 and 10 for younger kids to listen for the answer) In what do we find our Joy? 

Older Kids: What is being promised in this chapter? Is this a time that has already passed? Or a time we are looking forward to? 

Read: Isaiah 35:1-10

Scripture Focus -2 

Younger and Older Kids: How do we express Joy? 

Read: Psalm 71:23 

Scripture Focus -3 

Younger Kids: Listen for Joy, Peace, and Hope. All three are in this verse. 

Older Kids: How do Joy, Peace, and Hope work together? 

Read: Romans 15:13 

Scripture Focus -4 

Younger Kids: Can we see Jesus now? Can we love him and believe in him? 

Older Kids: What is the outcome of our faith in Jesus? What words are used to describe our joy? 

Read: 1 Peter 1:8-9 

Prayer Focus: Rejoice in Jesus, in the Hope of his return, in the Peace he brought us on the cross, in God’s love perfected in us, express joy! Ask each family member to give a reason for joy and praise God together for it. 



Christmas Eve or Day: The Christ Candle 

Ask: Why do we celebrate the birth of Jesus every year? 

Scripture Focus – 1 

Younger Kids: Listen for things that are changing. See if you can tell us something that changed after we read. 

Older Kids: What does this promise mean for us? 

Read: Isaiah 1:18 

Scripture Focus -2 

Younger Kids: Who is the Word? Who is the Lamb of God? 

Older Kids: What are to two names of Jesus in these verses? What do they mean? 

Read: John 1:1-5, 14, 29 

Scripture Focus - 3 

Younger Kids: Who never sinned? 

Older Kids: How do we accept the gift of God’s righteousness? 

Read: 2 Corinthians 5:21 

Scripture Focus – 4 

Read: Luke 2:1-21

 Prayer Focus: Read Luke 1:68-70, Luke 1:78-79 as a Family Prayer of Praise to the Lord. 




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