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Our Home Groups usually gather together in Villa's throughout the city of Abu Dhabi. However, due to the current restrictions on gathering together, the groups are gathering together on Zoom or Google Meets. We would encourage you to join a Home Group close to your location so it will be easy to attend once the restrictions are lifted. 

If you would like to join one of our home groups please send us an email at, mention what group you would like to join, and we will get you connected to the home group leader.

Al Raha Beach 

Tuesday's @ 7:00pm

Raha Beach on Zoom

The Al Raha Beach Home Group is led by Steve and Jan Fuller.  Their passion is to understand and experience and share with others all that Jesus promises to be to us as Savior, Lord, and heart-satisfying Treasure – and to lead a home group which is passionately pursuing this. 

Al Rayanna 

Tuesday's @ 7:00pm

Al Rayanna on Zoom 2

The Al Rayanna Home Group is led by Earl & Len Palacious. Their hearts desire is to see Jesus glorified in Grace Church and His love displayed in the fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Being in Abu Dhabi has impressed upon them how temporary our stay here is and that only God is eternal.


Monday's @ 6:00pm

Downtown on Zoom 2

The Downtown a Home Group is led by Rob & Margie Urry, and Annemie Ellis. They long to see the community and support developed through home groups bring reality to being a christian everyday effectively, in many respects.

Mohammed Bin Zayed City 

Tuesday's @ 6:30pm

MBZ on Zoom 2

The Mohammed Bin Zayed City Home Group is led by Tebo and Hannah Ngakane.  They love to see people connected in deep, meaningful relationship, lifting one another up in prayer, and growing in their trust of all of God's promises.  

Officers' Club 

Wednesday's @ 6:30pm

OC on Zoom

The Officers' Club Home Group is led by Graham Humphrey. They have a passion for sharing the gospel  and seeing God’s kingdom spread here in the UAE. They long for people to experience the satisfying joy of a deepening relationship with Christ.

Raha Gardens & Zayed Sports City 

Tuesday's @ 7:00pm

Zayed and Raha on Zoom

The Raha Gardens and Zayed Sports City Home Groups are led by Aaron & Tash Lacey, and Luke & Lorna Ebrahim.  Their hope for the homegroup is that people will experience the love of Christ among us. That they’ll grow in faith, obedience and joy as we reflect our Saviour with thankful hearts.  


Tuesday's @ 6:00pm

Shabiya on Zoom

The Shabiya Home Group is led by Wil Yutuc. They enjoy digging deep into the scriptures in order understand them and to strengthen each other in the faith. The long to build a vision in Grace Church of the glory of Jesus Christ, spreading it to every nation, tongue and tribe, we would love to have you join us.

Yas Island

Monday's @ 7:00pm


The Yas Island Home Group was launch at the end of 2020 and is led by Bob & Karen Kubenic. They are committed to searching the scriptures for the truth and trusting in God's promises. They pray their home group is a light in this world, spreading the gospel through their relationships with those around them. 

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