Information about our Current Gatherings

Saturday Worship

We are pleased to announce that Grace Church will begin a slow re-opening by meeting Saturdays at 10:15am at the Evangelical Church building on island. We will also be Live Streaming this service for those who would like to watch online. Please see below for the links to register and watch live.

Please Note:

1. Individuals of all ages may now attend services at ECC.

2. Families may sit together during services at ECC. A family may reserve a maximum of 6 seats in advance of the service. Up to 2 children's seats may be reserved per adult. A married couple could bring up to 4 children with them. (There is an option on the "Reserve Your Seat" page below to reserve up to 6 seats. After filling the number of seats needed, and then the information of the person requesting the seats, you will be asked to enter the name of each family member needing a seat, including the name of the person requesting the seat.)

3. If you are new to Grace Church, we would love to have the opportunity to meet you. Each week, following our Saturday service, we will have a Zoom call at 2:30pm open for anyone who would like to meet and chat with our elders. 

5 December Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 

Registration for the 5 December service is now open. 

To ensure everyone’s safety, there will be specific guidelines for meeting. 
Please review these before registering for the service

1. Everyone visiting the building must show that they have downloaded the ALHOSN app and registered with their Emirates ID. (Children are not required to have the ALHOSN app.) 

2. Masks are required at all times while at the facility. (Children under the age of 2 are not required to wear masks.)

3. Thermal imaging will be used to check the temperature of everyone entering the building. 

4. For now, all rooms, floors, halls, and restrooms will be closed, with the exception of Main Hall 1 and Main Hall 2. 

5. Per guidance from health authorities, social distancing will be enforced at the building. Markers and cue lines are throughout the facility to help maintain proper distance.

6. While at the church building, please refrain from making contact with other people. There should be no hugging, kissing, or shaking of hands.

7. There are hands free santization stations throughout the facility and you are encouraged to sanitize your hands frequently. 

8. If you or someone you have been in close contact with are not feeling well or have recently traveled, please stay home for 14 days prior to attending service. 

9. Pregnant women and people suffering from chronic deseases such as respiratory and immune dificiency illnesses are not yet permitted to visit the facility.  


Please enter your name as it
appears on your Emirates ID


If you need to cancel a
registration, email
so that individuals on the
Waitlist can get a seat at
this week’s service. 



Doors open at 9:45am, and cue lines will be used to enter the building on at a time. Every adult will present their Emirates ID and ALHOSN app at the front door. After this, each person will walk to the temperature check dot. When walking into the Main Hall, you will present your QR code ticket to be scanned. An usher will direct you to your seat/seats. 

The service will begin about 5 minutes early with a welcome and prayer led by one of the elders, so plan to arrive early enough to pray with us. Our music team will then use contemporary songs, hymns, and Scripture to help us see, feel, and proclaim the love, goodness, and majesty of God in Jesus Christ – and to have a fresh experience of His grace. Then we will receive teaching from the Word of God that aims at being biblically faithful, hope-giving, and life-changing. At the end of the message, we will worship in song, then one of our elders will close by giving some announcements and a benediction. 

When the service is done, we will dismiss everyone by rows to maintain social distancing as we leave the building.  

We are looking forward to what God is doing as we move forward with in person meetings and continue our live stream services!


We didn’t forget about the children! Our Children’s Ministry Leader, Leah, has put together some great resources for you to do with your child at home. If you did not receive the email from Leah, please contact her at to be added to the mailing list.


Our encouragement is to prepare your hearts prior for our Saturday service through bible study, prayer, and worship during the week. Here is what we recommend to do: 

Read and think over the passage for this week: 2 Corinthians 8:9 

Pray for God to give you a spiritual gift to share with the church, raise our expectations for Saturday's service, and open our eyes to see the glory of Jesus. 

Worship ahead of time by familiarizing yourself with the words to songs we will sing through visiting our online playlist. (We may sing different versions on Saturday.)


Join us Fridays Online   or   Saturdays In Person

10:00am | 10:15am