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Grace Church is excited to launch a new program aimed at connecting the young adults of our church to others in the body. We recognize that the vast number of university students and young adults who move to our city rarely step foot into someone else’s home during their time here. Our desire is to help facilitate connections between young adults and families for care and support. 

Are you a young adult looking to connect?

This is is great opportunity for you to get connected and go deeper here at Grace Church. There are many families who are ready to welcome you with open arms and take you as one of their own. However long you might be here in Abu Dhabi, it is so important for you to connect with others and have a family while you are away from your own. This program is designed for those who have finished high school and/or are young single professionals working here in the city. We pray this program serves you well and that you will be enabled to serve the body of Christ.

Are you a family ready to connect?

Our goal is that you would show the young adults at Grace the love of Christ by welcoming them into your family and help them feel like they are part of the family here at Grace Church. As a family, you can sign up to adopt one, or a few, young adults and commit to loving them and helping them get connected to Grace Church. Here’s what this could look like – have them over for dinner once a month, go out to eat at the mall with them, give them a ride to church or homegroup with you, study God’s word with them, take them to cheer on your kids at their football game, and the list goes on and on.