We meet at The Evangelical Church on the Island. Our worship meeting time is 4:30 PM on Saturdays. 

As the elders have become aware of the needs arising due to the Covid-19 virus, we have decided to open up a benevolence fund for people to give to in order to help families in need. 

How to Give to the Benevolence Fund

You can make a donation to the Benevolence Fund via Tying Vines by US cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

Donors will receive an end of the year statement from Tying Vines stating that their gift is tax-deductible for US income tax purposes.

Cheques Mailed from US Bank
Cheques drawn on a US bank account can be made payable to “Tying Vines, Inc.” with “Project 1802-2 Grace Church Abu Dhabi” written in the memo, and mailed to:

Tying Vines, Inc
1863 Gettysburg Village Drive
Ste. 995, PMB #224
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Make a payment as usual through Tying Vines and use the Grace Church Benevolence Fund project number instead of the General Fund. 

Kindly use the following link:

On this page put in the amount, payment type and contact details. Clicking on the Review and Payment link will take you to that page. Select either “Credit Card” or “ACH/eCheck” and fill in the required details. GCAD prefers use of the ACH/eCheck since the Credit Card results in a 3% charge – but it’s whatever works for you, our beloved giver.

Make a payment to the following bank account:

Account name:  The Evangelical Church
Bank:  ADCB
Account number:  10147319920002
IBAN:  AE040030010147319920002

After making the payment, kindly forward an email to finance@gracechurchabudhabi.com with the full payment details to ensure the payment is correctly allocated to the benevolence fund.

Please forward an email to finance@gracechurchabudhabi.com if you require any further assistance on this matter.