Join us for Worship, Saturdays at 4:30PM

The goal at Grace Kids is that your child has fun learning the truth of God's Word, singing worship songs, and participating in activities, games, and craft-time with their peers. Our volunteers are excited to speak words of truth and love to your child while helping them to feel comfortable and enjoy the morning so you can enjoy the service.

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If it’s your first time visiting with us, you’ll find Grace Kids on the 1st Floor of The Evangelical Church Building. After walking into the building, you will head to your left towards Main Hall 2 and use the stairs on the left side to make your way up to the first floor. Once there, you’ll see our check-in area. We’ll assist you with checking in your child(ren), provide name label for your child and secuity tag for you to use when collecting your child(ren) then we will escort them to their respective classroom.

We ask that parents register their children on Saturday afternoons before 4:40pm in order for their children to take part in Grace Kids.


  • One to 3 Years old - Our Nursery children meet at the nursery 3 room on the 1st floor of the building. Once in the class the children have a time to play with toys and mingle with other children, thereafter sing christian baby songs, watch bible story video that is simplified to their understanding, recite memory verse,  then after refreshments they watch songs or kids videos.


  • Four to Six Years old - Four to Six year olds are checked inupstairs at the building on the first floor outside of Upper Chapel 2. Our friendly check-in team will then escort them into the youth room Classroom where they participate in group activities or a simple craft. Next, they move into the Bible Storytime, learning from The Gospel Project Curriculum. Then, into their Worship time working on a memory verse and singing praises with fun hand-motions. Finally, they have a time of games and activities before being picked up after the service.
  • Seven to Ten Year old - are checked in on the first floor outside of Upper Chapel 2. Our friendly check-in team will then escort them into the Upper Chapel 2 Classroom where they will join other kids in fun-filled group activities which is connected to the lesson. Next, they move into teaching from one of our teachers, learning from The Gospel Project Curriculum. Kids also get to memorize scripture. After this, they do a craft together and transition to their Worship time, singing praises with fun hand-motions. Finally, they divide up into a group discussion time over topics connected to the bible story before being picked up after the service.


We ask that parents pick their children up promptly after the service, handing their pick-up ticket to the class volunteer and immediately leave the pick-up hallways with their children in order to allow our volunteers to pick up their own children and begin tear down to get the rooms ready for the next church meeting at the building.


Grace Church uses the Gospel Project Curriculum.


Want to make a difference in shaping the next generation? Our curriculum is based on helping kids understand who Jesus is and what He’s done for them. Volunteer opportunities range from caring for young children infants to teaching Elementary-aged students. Non-classroom opportunities such as computer check-in are also available.

If you're interested in volunteering or would like more information, email for next steps. 


During this season, Grace Kids have the opportunity to participate in lessons from home that include Bible stories, scripture memory-work, as well as worship music. Lesson videos for Preschoolers and Older Children, printable activity sheets, and helpful resources to enjoy as a family are available on our Grace Kids Online Page.

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